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Giovanni Dalle Fabbriche

Social Finance & Entrepreneurship

Social-finance3 Professional Development Days (Milan, 3-4-5 June) with the scientific support of SDA Bocconi Impact Investing Lab

Impact Investing is the new approach to overcome the trade off between social and financial return and to bring capital into profitable businesses able to answer to societal needs. However two ingredients are required: new businesses able to generate societal innovation and finance.

 Fondazione Lang Italia, with the scientific support of SDA Bocconi, organizes 3 Professional Development Days addressed to privates, managers and professionals from companies, foundations, family offices and non-profit organization. Leading speakers from Ashoka and Stanford University will present and discuss approaches and examples with a simple goal: how to make impact while making profit?

 The program is divided into two modules:

  • The first module – Social Enterprises & Social Finance – is run by Bjoern Struewer, Senior Advisor Ashoka.
  • The second – Social Enterprises & Innovation – is run by Christian Seelos, Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society of Stanford University.

 The program is entirely in English and tutoring by Fondazione Lang Italia and SDA Bocconi Impact Investing Lab will be constantly available.

Download the program to discover all details

At the conclusion of the program, Participants will receive a dedicated paper prepared by SDA Bocconi Impact Investing Lab & Fondazione Lang Italia, summarizing the contents presented during the 3 days and taking under analysis insights emerged and lessons learned.

Registration Deadlines: 23rd of May


 For information:
Fondazione Lang Italia
T: +39 02-36635131



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